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Family Interview Form Family Information and Emergency Numbers Today's date: Family name: Home phone number: Address: Email address: Nearest cross street: Phone number where parent can be reached
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Hey guys, so today I have a video for you and this video is going to be a video that was probably one of the very first videos that I watched when I started getting into YouTube and I don't see very many of these types of videos out there, so I decided to make my own and hopefully you guys can get some advice from it and get some use out of this video I guess, but this is going to be a what's in my babysitting bag and yeah let's hop into it, so this is my babysitting bag and this is from Vera Bradley I really don't know the pattern or the bag style and I also don't know if it's a retired pattern or not, so I'll put that on the screen somewhere of what pattern and bag this is um but yeah it just looks like this, and it fits everything pretty nicely except for this one little box but that it doesn't really bother me that much I forgot I have to sit there this is a little crap that one of the kids that I babysit babysits one of the kids that I babysit want that made for me um but yeah it's just these two off the booze so in my bag I have these two coloring sticker book things, and they are just fun for kids to use and stuff this one is a Toy Story coloring book and this is good for both boys and girls because there's boy and girl characters obviously and then this one is a car's sticker book it's more focused toward boys but then get girls can like it too I guess I don't know um yeah, so I just got these, and they were cheap I think I got these at Michael's for like probably less than five dollars each for each of them so another thing that I really recommend putting in your bag is like one of the toys I guess you could say are bubbles and possibly giant bubbles um, but these are really, really fun they whenever I bring these over the kids that I babysit they love them and like bubbles those souls and yeah it's really fun to play with them, but they're just like the Jumbo brand the jumbo kind and um I had another like one of these that was yellow, but I ran out of the stuff, so I just used one tube of it and I keep the extra stick, so they can both use them, and then I actually do like to keep my own first-aid kit in my bag and I know that they probably have a first aid kit at their house, but I think it's just easier to get to, and you know where it is which is like important for me, but this one is just the Johnson and Johnson first aid kit safe travels one then I have this little pouch this is from Clinique, and it is tiny like compared to my hand that's how small it is this has personal stuff in it like this is my bag like for me, it just has like necessities, so it has a lotion or hand cream this one is from Bath and Body Works I have a hand sanitizer I like could not say that, but this one is the fresh picked peaches, and then I just have a Burt's Bees um chapstick in there and this is the rejuvenating kind I have a hair tie and I have a few bobby pins, and then I just have a pen even though that they probably have pens at their house um I...
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